Postgres Vision 2016

October 11 - 13, 2016 | Innovation Hangar | San Francisco


Defining the future of enterprise Postgres and open source data management.

Postgres Vision 2016 is the preeminent event for thought leadership, collaboration and networking with the best and brightest companies defining the future of Postgres and open source data management.

Strategic IT Transformation

Open Source Innovation

Postgres ROI

Data Management in the Cloud

Agenda At-A-Glance


Pre-conference will commence on the evening of Tuesday, October 11, with an exclusive reception at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel – Starlight Room.

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Main Conference

The main conference sessions will take place Wednesday & Thursday, October 12 & 13, at San Francisco’s iconic Innovation Hangar (iHangar) at the Palace of Fine Arts.


Postgres Vision Conference Tracks

Track 1: For the Business

This track looks at technology market and investment trends and drills down to focus on time-to-savings scenarios from Postgres initiatives across industry sectors. Examine a 3-phase digital transformation methodology that addresses the journey from investment-to-maturity. Look at cost and technical differentiation models, including Cloud, embedded and OEM solutions. Understand the current and future Open Source positioning and market drivers; cross industry and stakeholder landscape.

Track 2: For the Community: Technology & Roadmap

From the casual hobbyist to sophisticated collaborator; the PostgreSQL community celebrates the 20th anniversary with a quality mindset. Get a 9.6 and future roadmap that uncovers the new opportunities enabled by the past cumulative efforts of the community. See how to tackle common enterprise-level challenges such as solving causal reads, synchronistic replication and parallel queries – all out-of-the-box. Examine options for building logical replication scenarios, improved scalability, enhanced performance and more.

Track 3: For the Developer

Designed to help the developer achieve high availability and near-zero downtime – every time; sessions address backup and recovery tactics including troubleshooting, and optimization techniques. See demos of recipes and reference architectures that leverage Postgres for developing apps and cloud enablement strategies. Compare open source toolsets by function and feature. Look under the hood at the technology interplay within in-memory applications. Gain insight on security options and implementation techniques.

Track 4: For the Ecosystem

As Postgres gains momentum in enterprise deployments there is growing pressure to build more scalable, robust, secure and flexible capabilities. Sessions feature the new digital business initiatives and solutions that have previously only been associated with commercial database solutions. View the Postgres partner ecosystem software tools and services and see how the pieces fit together.

Conference Agenda

Pre-Conference Agenda

Tuesday, October 11, 2016


6:00PM - 9:00PM

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Conference Day 1 Agenda

Wednesday, October 12, 2016


7:30AM - 9:00AM

Continental breakfast will be provided during registration.
Opportunity to interact with conference partners and sponsors.


9:00AM - 9:10AM

The Innovation Economy and Why it Matters

Kathleen Kennedy, President, MIT Technology Review, Postgres Vision Emcee

For 116 years, MIT Technology Review has reported on important technologies and innovators with the mission to equip our audiences with the intelligence to understand a world shaped by technology. In the era of globalization; no one company or country can stand alone to ignite and sustain the degree or diversity of the type of innovation needed to keep pace with the rapid changes occurring cross-industry and cross-borders. And there is no greater innovation enabler than the open source movement. Standing on a platform of collaboration; the marketplace of ideas breaks down the walls between both the developers and the business to produce the opportunity needed to be competitive in the data-rich 21st century. In this Keynote, Kathleen sets the stage for the Postgres model as critical to accelerating shared knowledge as a pathway toward solving the world’s problems.


9:10AM - 9:30AM

Demystifying the digital transformation process from decision-to-maturity

Ed Boyajian, President & CEO, EnterpriseDB

In this Keynote, Ed examines the challenges and benefits of the migration path from a proprietary database platform toward an open source environment and its potential as a strategic centerpiece of the Enterprise. Examine the economic opportunity, business drivers, time to investment realization and the risk versus reward equation. Gain a historical perspective that helps to frame the heightened pace of today’s technology market shift. Look at the timeline, resource allocation and skills portability required to facilitate digital transformation in the Enterprise.


9:30AM - 9:50AM

Open for Innovation

Doug Balog, General Manager, IBM Power Systems

Details Coming Soon


9:50AM - 10:30AM

From Proprietary Toward Open Source: Impacts, Benefits, and Challenges

Moderator: Christopher Schroeder, Former CEO of Washington Post/Newsweek Interactive, Venture capitalist, and author of best-selling Startup Rising

Details Coming Soon


10:30AM - 11:00AM

Morning Refreshments
Opportunity to interact with conference partners and sponsors


11:00AM - 11:30AM

Why Now? Open Source Comes of Age

Scott McNealy, Co-founder, Chairman and CEO, Wayin; Co-founder of Sun Microsystems

Details Coming Soon


11:30AM - 12:00PM

The Shared Economy...
How and Agile and Rapid Response Data Infrastructure Supports Millennial Demands for Generation

Moderated by Kathleen Kennedy

Details Coming Soon


12:00PM - 1:30PM

Lunch will be provided


12:00PM - 5:30PM

Opportunity to interact with conference partners and sponsors

Connect with Postgres Experts
Topic: Choosing deployment targets.


1:30PM - 2:30PM

Track 1: For the Business

Open Source ROI: The value of leveraging Open Source as an organizational standard

Moderator: Carl Olofson, IDC

  • Joe Schuler, MasterCard Worldwide, AmX (ka)
  • Frank Fanzili, The Linux Foundation
Examine the benefits, and proven gains from moving your workloads to Open Source. This panel discussion offers proven examples and use case scenarios that illustrate how to leverage the right technology for the right applications.

Track 2: For the Community: Technology & Roadmap

Robert Haas, Major Contributor to PostgreSQL
Details Coming Soon

Track 3: For the Developer, DBA and Enterprise Architect

How, Why and in What Way Postgres Extends into the Open Source Community
Optimizing the hyper-modern development environment

Moderator: Vibhor Kumar
Details Coming Soon

Track 4: For the Ecosystem

How Database Fits in with Platform-as-a-Service
Integrating DBMS into PaaS for provisioning and management

The complexity of provisioning and monitoring management tasks are amplified by the heterogeneity of PaaS level and the huge number of parameters to take into account. Investigate the different monitoring and management solutions in the cloud and examine a model that enables the retrieval of monitoring information and the execution of management operations.


2:30PM - 2:45PM

Transition between breakout sessions


2:45PM - 3:45PM

Track 1: For the Business

Modernizing Open Source Security Applications:
Advances in the public sector | Risks, myths and opportunities

Whether the cause is overcoming inertia or simply a too-familiar resistance to change; civic organizations are a often a behemoth to modernize. This session examines critical steps that governments have taken to move from from proprietary formats and protocols to modular systems and open standards.

Sponsored by Carahsoft

Track 2: For the Community: Technology & Roadmap

Postgres Innovations: Beyond high performance and availability

Oleg Bartunov, CEO, Postgres Professional
Examine the newest innovations provided by the Open Source communities, such as JSONB, GIN, Range Type, new search capabilities and more. Look at implementation best practices and get troubleshooting tips.

Track 3: For the Developer, DBA and Enterprise Architect

Extensions & Containers: Rapid-fire Live Demo’s and Case Studies
Enabling the ultimate flexibility for Postgres users

Details Coming Soon

Track 4: For the Ecosystem

Integration Within the World of Polyglot Database Management Systems Gaining value from variety

Examine the often confusing partner ecosystem that contributes to new, more agile Open Source deployment models. This session features unique perspectives within the specialized partner ecosystem.


3:45PM - 4:15PM

Afternoon Refreshments
Opportunity to interact with conference partners and sponsors


4:15PM - 5:15PM

Track 1: For the Business

Lessons learned from the migration from proprietary to Open Source
Fostering a quality versus features culture

Understand the time-to value migration path from Oracle to Open Source. Examine which workloads best fits for migration along the spectrum of applications and deployment models. Get tips to avoid rewriting applications and see how best to get app-specific packages, functions, and stored procedures to run without change. Learn how to build on the business processes that differentiate your company and deliver the efficiencies that make your business profitable, while deriving savings from a move to open source databases.

Track 2: For the Community: Technology & Roadmap

Tackling OSS Challenges in the Enterprise:
Tools, techniques and next-gen platforms

Dave Page, VP & Chief Architect, Tools & Installers at EnterpriseDB & PostgreSQL Core Team member

Panel discussion | Marc Linster, EDB - Moderator

  • Frank Franzilli, Linux Foundation
  • Michael Meskes, President, credativ
Gain tips and techniques to tackle the open source conundrum: many tools, but none are integrated. Examine pgAdmin as a platform. See how the Portable Extension manager (PEM) allows you to defaulty open files with programs on a flash drive. See how OpenStack and other deployments are driving next gen platforms.

Track 3: For the Developer, DBA and Enterprise Architect

Examples of Innovative Data Types
A hands-on approach

Find out how organizations are using Postgres to transform their data centers into platforms of innovation. Walk through the launch of a fully integrated DBMS for reporting systems and new applications, internal functionality and more.

Track 4: For the Ecosystem

Managing Databases in the Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud
Choosing Deployment Targets

Walk through customer deployment scenarios that illustrate Postgres public cloud offerings and critical SaaS offerings. Examine certifications for on-premises deployments


5:15PM - 5:30PM

Opportunity to interact with conference partners and sponsors


5:30PM - 8:00PM

Sponsored by credativ

Conference Day 2 Agenda

Thursday, October 13, 2016


8:00AM - 9:00AM

Continental breakfast will be provided
Opportunity to interact with conference partners and sponsors
Connect with Postgres Experts


9:00AM - 9:10AM

Recap of Conference Day 1

Ed Boyajian, President & CEO, EnterpriseDB


9:10AM - 10:00AM

Speaker from Amazon Web Services

Details Coming Soon


10:00AM - 10:30AM

Morning Refreshments


10:00AM - 2:15PM

Opportunity to interact with conference partners and sponsors
Connect with Postgres Experts


10:30AM - 11:30AM

Track 1: For the Business

Faster, better and more agile
Why smart companies choose open source | Challenges and opportunities

Open source’s popularity is booming. Organizations are increasingly tasked to be more responsive to the needs of their business units to provide more agility in both external and internal facing application development. This session unpacks the open source capabilities that enable new applications to be created quickly, affordably and with integrity. As issues of performance, security and bandwidth recede; open source is attracting businesses of all sizes to open source for ever-larger projects. Examine the challenges to open source including how to best integrate components and design the optimal infrastructure: public, private or hybrid cloud.

Track 2: For the Community: Technology & Roadmap

New Features and Functions of PostgreSQL 9.6
Why it matters

The May 2016 release of Version 9.6 brought weighty changes and enhancements that included parallel execution and parallel sequential scans, joins and aggregates, full text search for phrases, and much more. Get the latest post-release and testing impacts on performance, scalability and examine the latest PostgreSQL backup tools.

Track 3: For the Developer, DBA and Enterprise Architect

A path to support geospatial objects

Examine PostGIS implementation scenarios, geometries and indexes including: The PostGIS windows 2.2.0 bundle and related extensions that augment spatial enjoyments. Gauge the substance of the promised query performance improvements and see how to leverage PostGIS to reduce disk and memory footprint.

Track 4: For the Ecosystem

Open Source Transformation:
Proprietary to open source migration: management, maintenance and optimization

Details Coming Soon


11:30AM - 1:00PM

Lunch will be provided
Opportunity to interact with conference partners and sponsors

Connect with Postgres Experts
Topic: Proprietary to open source migration: management, maintenance and optimization


1:00PM - 2:00PM

Track 1: For the Business

Leveraging Open Source to Take Back Control from Oracle
A proven methodology: principles and processes

Details Coming Soon

Track 2: For the Community: Technology & Roadmap

Shepherding the Postgres Community Forward: “Just one more beta test….”

Bruce Momjian, Co-founder and core team member of the PostgreSQL Global Development Group
Get the insiders view of how the Postgres community works to create great code, consistently, with very limited technology debt. Examine the Windows port scenario; reintegrating Postgres XC into Postgres and grasp why some people claim that Postgres demands a nerve-wracking sanity that makes for good technology.

Track 3: For the Developer, DBA and Enterprise Architect

Lightning Talks

Details Coming Soon

Track 4: For the Ecosystem

Enabling the Internet of Things:
Advancing the connectivity of devices, systems and services

Is your business prepared for the Internet of Things? How will this connected world of devices impact your business processes? How can you realize the potential of the IoT with the right architecture, technology and systems to address the data deluge? Using real-life examples of the IoT in action, this session will review the four economic drivers creating the IoT landscape, how to prepare for the challenges this environment brings, and the benefits of bringing intelligence to the edge of the network.


2:00PM - 2:15PM

Afternoon Refreshments
Opportunity to interact with conference partners and sponsors
Focus Topic: Advancing the connectivity of devices, systems and services


2:15PM - 2:45PM

Details Coming Soon


2:45PM - 3:00PM

Details Coming Soon

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Postgres Vision Speakers

Speakers Information

Merv Adrian

Research Vice President and analyst on the Data Management team at Gartner

Merv Adrian is a Research Vice President and analyst on the Data Management team at Gartner, following DBMS, Hadoop, NoSQL and adjacent technologies as extreme information processing transforms assumptions about how to activate unused information assets. He also tracks the increasing impact of open-source software and monitors the way the software/hardware boundary for information platforms is shifting as more processing moves into the hardware layer and cloud options change purchasing patterns. Mr. Adrian is Gartner’s Lead Analyst for Microsoft.

Ed Boyajian

President & CEO, EnterpriseDB

Since 2008, Ed Boyajian has led EDB around his vision to transform and disrupt the $34B relational database industry. Under his leadership, EDB is recognized as a leading open source Postgres database company with over 3,400 customers worldwide. Ed’s passion for technical product excellence and world-class support and services has been the catalyst for delivering the industry-leading Postgres products now in use at many of the Fortune 500. Prior to EDB, Ed spent six years at Red Hat®, Inc. Ed earned his MBA from Harvard Business School. He previously served as a Captain in the US Army.

Magnus Hagander

Core Team member and Major Developer of the PostgreSQL Global Development Group

Magnus is a Principal Database Consultant and Open Source Expert at Redpill LinPro.

Magnus Hagander is a developer and a committer in the PostgreSQL Global Development Group. He is also one of the core members of the infrastructure team, maintaining the servers that power the project, and one of the maintainers of the website. He also contributes to pgAdmin and other related projects.

He has been a PostgreSQL user since version 6 (with some non-serious use of Postgres 95 before that), and currently serves as President of the Board for PostgreSQL Europe.

Craig Guarente

CEO and Founder of Palisade Compliance

Craig is the CEO and founder of Palisade Compliance. Founded in 2011, Palisade Compliance is now the leading independent provider of Oracle licensing, contracting, audit defense, and cost reduction services. Palisade Compliance enables businesses to reduce their Oracle costs, stay in compliance, and take back control of their Oracle business relationship. Before founding Palisade, Craig worked at Oracle for over 15 years. Starting as a contract specialist drafting database license contracts, Craig worked his way up the organization until he was Oracle’s Global Vice President of Contracts, Business Practices, and Migrations. In addition to his Global VP role, Craig was also the Global Process Owner for Oracle’s customer audit teams (LMS), a member of Oracle’s CIO advisory board, and Oracle’s representative on the Oracle User Group’s contract and licensing advisory board.

Douglas M. Balog

General Manager, IBM Power Systems

Douglas (Doug) Balog, General Manager, Power Systems, is responsible for IBM’s worldwide Power Systems business including the OpenPOWER initiative. Doug has been leading the transformation of POWER for the last three years to align it with the market shifts to cognitive computing and cloud, underpinned by an open, community-based innovation business model. As a senior executive in IBM, Doug is also a member of IBM’s Performance Team, which focuses on tactical execution in the company, as well as IBM’s Growth & Transformation Team. He has also previously been a member of IBM’s Strategy Team, which focuses on longer-term strategic shifts. Doug graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a B.S. in Computer Science.

Frank Fanzilli

Director of The Linux Foundation and former global CIO at the international investment bank Credit Suisse First Boston (CSFB)

Frank is a highly respected information technology leader. He spent 17 years at Credit Suisse First Boston, ultimately as Global CIO. Frank managed a $2 billion budget and transformed IT from a service provider into a strategic catalyst. He has served on the Boards of leading data management companies: 1010data (acquired in 2015 by Advance Newhouse); Asset Control (acquired in 2013 by Marlin Equity Partners); and CommVault (NASDAQ: CLVT). He also has been a director of The Linux Foundation for more than a decade. Frank earned an MBA with distinction from NYU’s Stern School of Business.

Kathleen Kennedy

President, MIT Technology Review and Enterprise Forum

In her 15 years at MIT, Kathleen has helped MIT Technology Review to redefine the magazine brand and to achieve success in a rapidly changing market. She has established several new lines of business around the world. She leads events, sales and licensing for MIT’s media company as well as the global team of the entrepreneurial support organization, the MIT Enterprise Forum.Kathleen started her career in accounting, but she quickly found her true calling in media. She left the financial world to join a startup that specialized in media research for the film industry.

Scott McNealy

Co-founder, Chairman and CEO, Wayin; Co-founder of Sun Microsystems

Scott McNealy is an outspoken advocate for personal liberty, small government, and free-market competition. In 1982, he co-Founded Sun Microsystems and served as CEO and Chairman of the Board for 22 years. He piloted the company from startup to legendary Silicon Valley giant in computing infrastructure, network computing, and open source software. Today McNealy is heavily involved in advisory roles for companies that range from startup stage to large corporations. Scott McNealy is an enthusiastic ice hockey fan, and an avid golfer with a single digit handicap. He resides in the Bay Area with his wife of 20 years and his 4 sons.

Michael Meskes, Ph.D.

President and Chief Executive Officer, credativ Group; PostgreSQL Committer

Michael Meskes is President and CEO of the credativ Group, an industry leader in free software services with offices in six countries. credativ’s Open Source Support Centers employ leading members of a number of open source projects. Michael has been an open source developer for almost 25 years, and has worked on different open source projects, among which Debian and PostgreSQL are most widely known. He also has contributed considerable open source-related presentations on all sorts of events to evangelize open source.

Mike Piech

Vice President and General Manager, JBoss Middleware, Red Hat

Prior to Red Hat, Mike was Vice President of Product Marketing at Magnet Systems and Vice President of Product Management and Marketing at Engine Yard, before which he spent five years at Oracle and BEA with product responsibility for WebLogic, the Java platform, and other middleware and developer tools. Before BEA Mike ran product management at Dorado (acquired by First American CoreLogic), a SaaS solution for mortgage banking. Mike began his career at Sun Microsystems in engineering roles before moving to product marketing for Enterprise Java. Mike holds an MBA from INSEAD, a B.S. in computer science from MIT, and several patents.

Bruce Momjian

Co-founder and core team member of the PostgreSQL Global Development Group

In 1996, Bruce played a leading role in organizing other open source database professionals to shepherd PostgreSQL from an academic project into an enterprise-class relational database. He educates and evangelizes within the Postgres community, traveling worldwide to present on advances in Postgres and new use cases while also acting as Senior Database Architect for EnterpriseDB. Bruce began his career as a high school math and computer science teacher and still serves as an adjunct professor at Drexel University.

Christopher Schroeder

Former CEO, Washington Post/Newsweek Interactive; Co-founder; U.S. Venture investor; First 50 LinkedIn Influencers and news contributors on global startups; Author of the best seller Startup Rising: The Entrepreneurial Revolution Remaking the Middle East

Christopher M. Schroeder is a Washington D.C. and New York City based entrepreneur and venture investor. He co-founded, one of the nation’s largest social and content platforms in health and wellness, backed by Sequoia Capital, Polaris Ventures, The Carlyle Group, Allen & Company and IAC Corporation. The company was sold to the health media publisher, Remedy Health, in January 2012 where Schroeder remained a board advisor.

Joe Schuler

Sr. Business Leader, Vice President

Joe Schuler is Vice President / Senior Business Leader of Data Architecture at MasterCard Worldwide. He leads a team of highly motivated and talented data engineers and administrators in support of various payment and data-related world-class products and services.

Joe has held leadership and executive positions at MasterCard Worldwide since he joined the company in 1998. This included leading the Global Unix Delivery team in support of more than 3,000 servers, including high-end Unix systems and member processors. In his most recent role as Senior Business Leader / Vice President, Joe provided financial stewardship, business consulting, and relationship management for the infrastructure teams within MasterCard Technologies, as well as the Finance and Human Resource Lines of Business within the Corporate Services Portfolio.

At the start of his career, he was a Senior Systems Programmer for Alliance Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Joe earned his undergraduate degree at the University of Illinois.

Robert Haas

Major Contributor to PostgreSQL 

Robert Haas has been a Major Contributor to the PostgreSQL Global Development Group since 2008 and has developed many significant scalability and performance enhancements for the PostgreSQL core code base. Because of his deep technical knowledge, Robert is an influential voice in the PostgreSQL community and plays a critical role setting priorities and guiding releases. He is also a Committer for the community and reviews code before it is accepted into the code base. Robert joined EDB in 2010 and currently leads the engineering group as Vice President and Chief Database Architect. He received his B.A. in Computer Science from Harvard University.

Dave Page

pgAdmin project leader, PostgreSQL Core Team

Dave Page has been actively involved in the PostgreSQL Project since 1998, as the lead developer of pgAdmin, maintainer of the PostgreSQL installers and one of the projects resident Windows hackers. He also serves on the project’s web and sysadmin teams and is a member of the PostgreSQL Core Team. Dave is employed by EnterpriseDB where he works as a software architect and developer on EnterpriseDB products in addition to his community PostgreSQL work.

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Innovation Hangar | San Francisco

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