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The future is Postgres and the future is now.

We invite you to join us for Postgres Vision 2019, the Enterprise Postgres conference. This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn how today’s IT leaders are using Postgres to build smarter, more productive businesses. Collaborate and network with your peers and connect in person with Postgres thought leaders from around the globe. Our conference tracks will include real-world enterprise-scale case studies, deep dives into Postgres tools and technologies, and explorations of the future of the database project.

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Here’s a preview of this year’s agenda.

The full agenda will be available soon.

Monday, June 24, 2019 Time: 10:00am – 4:00pm


One-Day Training Workshop

Deploying EDB Postgres Containers with Google Kubernetes Engine”: Learn how to deploy an advanced server container and participate in a live demo of how EDB Containers provide highly available, resilient and scalable EDB Postgres Clusters.


Tuesday-Wednesday, June 25-26, 2019 Time: 7:30am – 4:00pm ET


General Session Talks

Opening Keynote: A Look Ahead Into the Future of Tech
Our premier keynote speaker will be announced soon!!!!

The Economic Impact of Postgres Around the World
Ed Boyjian, President and CEO, EnterpriseDB

Real-World Postgres Deployment Stories
Your peers discuss their real-world stories of how Postgres is helping them outmaneuver competitors, reduce costs, and invest more in innovation.

What’s next for the future of the Postgres project?
Bruce Momjian

Breakout Talks

Optimizing Performance and Security with Platform Native Packaging:
Devrim Gündüz, PostgreSQL, Red Hat, and Fedora contributor, Principal Systems Engineer at EnterpriseDB

The Vision for Graph Database from Postgres
Eya Badal Abdisho, Technical Engineer, Bitnine Global

The trend of open source database in the telecommunications industry
Eun Jung Sin and Hyun Ji Lee, KT/KTDS

Migrating from Oracle to Enterprise-Ready Postgres in the Cloud: Technical Session
Prashant Agarwal, Sr. Development Manager, EnterpriseDB

The Future of Sharding
Craig Kerstiens, Head of Cloud, Citus Data/Microsoft

What’s Next for Postgres Enterprise Manager
Dave Page, Vice President and Chief Architect, Tools & Installers, PostgreSQL Core Team Member

The World of PostGIS
Leo Hsu and Regina Obe, Paragon Corporation

Bringing DevOps to the Database
Robert Treat, CEO, America, credativ

Breakout Pluggable Storage in PostgreSQL:
Andres Freund, PostgreSQL Developer & Committer

Breakout Scaling PostgreSQL for High Performance with Increased Database load and data
Avinash Vallarapu, PostgreSQL Tech Lead, Percona

Creating Continuously Up to Date Materialized Aggregates
David Kohn, Timescale

Vacuuming through Pictures
Tom Kincaid, General Manager, and Andrew Dunstan Database Architect, 2nd Quadrant

Tuesday evening, June 25, 2019—Time: 6:00pm – 9:00pm ET

EDB Postgres Cloud Database Party
Collaborate and network with your peers and connect in person with Postgres thought leaders from around the globe over drinks and food.



General Session Talks

Changing the Way IT Works in the Age of Containers, DevOps and Agile Analytics:
Ken Rugg, Chief Product and Strategy Officer, EnterpriseDB

Real-World Perspectives:
A panel discussion of peers sharing stories of how IT is changing in the wake of Containers, DevOps, Agile Analytics and more

And more talks to be added soon…..

Breakout Talks

What to Expect in Postgres Version 12:
Robert Haas, Vice President, Chief Database Architect, EnterpriseDB, Postgres committer and major contributor

Finding Your Way Out of an Oracle ULA
Craig Guarente, CEO and Founder, Palisade Compliance

MongoDB vs. Postgres Benchmarks:
Alvaro Hernandez, Founder, Ongres

Preview of the EDB Postgres Roadmap:
Ken Rugg, John Dalton, EnterpriseDB

A Deep Dive into PostgreSQL Indexing
Ibrar Ahmed, Percona, PostgreSQL Consultant

The Future of zHeap
Amit Kapila, Senior Database Architect, EnterpriseDB, PostgreSQL committer and major contributor

Creating a Multi-layered Security Architecture for Your Postgres Databases:
Marc Linster, Senior Vice President, Product Development, EnterpriseDB

And more talks to be added soon…..